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Quarterly Report
Slattery Auctions Director Pat Slattery gives an in depth review of asset category performance over the last 3 months. Read now or watch the summary video here.


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Online Auctions
  Auction Description Date Open Time Date Close Time Items  
  D3419B Agricultural Equipment Auction Open 03-NOV-2014 18:00 7  
  H3024 Dell IT Equipment Auction Open 03-NOV-2014 20:00 28  
  V6085 Office Furniture Auction Open 03-NOV-2014 18:30 34  
  V6086 Office Furniture Auction Open 03-NOV-2014 19:30 18  
  H3025 Street Lights and Bulbs Auction Open 04-NOV-2014 20:00 12  
  H3026 IT Equipment Auction Open 06-NOV-2014 20:00 14  
  S4045 Multi Game Arcade Machines Auction Open 10-NOV-2014 20:00 6  
  S4046 Furniture Auction Open 10-NOV-2014 20:00 6  
  S4047 Wheel Aligner Auction Open 10-NOV-2014 20:00 1  

Room Auctions 
  Auction Description Location Auction Date Time Items  
  S4022 Car Auction-CANCELLED Stafford, QLD 04-NOV-2014 13:00 0  
  H3032 Car Auction Hexham, NSW 05-NOV-2014 13:00 11  
  D3415 Car Auction Dandenong South, VIC 06-NOV-2014 11:00 33  
  V6075 Truck, Machinery, Cars & General Villawood, NSW 12-NOV-2014 10:00 155  
  S4023 Trucks, Machinery, Cars & General Stafford, QLD 18-NOV-2014 11:00 23  
  H3023 Trucks, Machinery, Cars & General Hexham, NSW 19-NOV-2014 10:00 87  
  D3416 Trucks, Machinery, Cars & General Dandenong South, VIC 20-NOV-2014 11:00 15  
  V6076 Car Auction Villawood, NSW 26-NOV-2014 14:00 0  
  S4024 Car Auction Stafford, QLD 09-DEC-2014 13:00 0  
  V6077 Car Auction Villawood, NSW 10-DEC-2014 14:00 0  

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