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When you need an asset valued and sold, the experts at Slattery Auctions and Valuations will tailor an individual remarketing plan informed by target audience profiling and specialist industry and asset expertise. Contact Slattery today for tomorrow’s solutions.

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Asset Auctions and Valuations

Slattery is the leading provider of premium asset advisory and remarketing services in Australia and Asia Pacific. With in-depth knowledge of specific asset classes, their markets and their buyers, our valuations are more accurate.

We understand the critical nature of compliance and probity when working in banking finance, government or the corporate sector. We can provide lines of credit secured against guarantees or acquired assets, to provide capital quickly. We are highly qualified and experienced at reporting every step of the regulatory processes, reducing any risk of future litigation. And we are experienced at designing innovative solutions that deliver the best possible outcomes.

Most importantly, as technology leaders we are best prepared for the future, and we will continue to invest in new technologies to ensure that we are always a step ahead.