Valuations & Asset Management

Slattery Valuations have become one of the foremost asset valuing teams in Australia providing our clients with efficient and accurate valuations of the highest quality. Having undertaken large scale valuation programs all over Australia as well as internationally, Slattery Valuations has established itself as ‘go to’ firm for tangible asset valuations.

Slattery Valuations is regularly engaged to service clients in, among many others, the finance, accounting, insolvency, insurance, mining, government, aviation and marine sectors. Slattery Valuations understands and recognises the importance of discretion in pre-acquisition or divestment valuations and distressed asset valuations, among others, and will happily comply with any confidentiality obligations imposed by our clients.

Slattery Valuations is available to make any boardroom presentations requested by our client to discuss the findings and outcomes of our valuations.

Slattery Valuations employs stringent valuation methodology specific to the asset category and supports the methodology and final valuation with extensive research and evidence.


Our Valuers include:





Valuation Experience

Slattery Valuations Australia’s experienced Valuation Team conducts valuations and asset management services in many industries including:

Valuation Reports

Valuation reports completed for our clients are completed as the following values:

On completion of each valuation, we will send via email firstly then printed and bound as a hard signed copy thevaluation report.

We can send by either Australia Post (if local) or by courier delivered to your street address.

For items needing valuation without time for inspection, so long as we are given a good and accurate description, we will give as a phone valuation to our major clients.


Auctioneers and Valuers Association of AustraliaNational Aircraft Appraisers Association (NAAA)Association of Machinery and Equipment AppraisersThe Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors, Inc.International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading